Meet the Faithful Heathens

Victoria grew up in a small town south of Austin as an avid young feminist. As a child, she did not attend church or spend much time talking about religion with her parents. Her father's version of religious talks were listening to NPR and teaching a 9 year old how to have nuanced political conversations. Victoria went on to graduate from Wellesley College, where she completed her teaching certification. Though her day job is working in education, Victoria began an intentional faith journey with Jesus two years ago and continues to seek to be in relationship with God every day.

Jay is a progressive, catholic evangelical United Methodist Pastor. Naturally. H-town native. UT and Austin Seminary grad. TX > NJ > Guatemala > AZ > NYC > ATX/Home.
Dad to a saucy 6 year old daughter. Lover of craft beer, people, faith conversations, and Jesus. Oh, and building stuff out of dumpster wood.