street pew official pic.png

Because why not saw a church pew in half and use it in a traveling podcast roadshow to talk about faith and life?

In November of 2018, Victoria Volker, co-host of Street Pew, was driving to work and hit by the sudden realization that the conversations that she had been having with her pastor, Jay Cooper, for the past year were conversations that she wished she had heard when she was just beginning her faith journey. Neither Jay nor Victoria knew anything about creating a podcast, but a few months and a thousand emails later, they began recording Street Pew! Jay stole a pew from our church, St. Luke United Methodist, sawed it in half, and decorated it with stickers from local Austin joints. Victoria spent hours figuring out exactly what it was that they could talk about, and now (with pew in tow) they travel around Austin each week to have nuanced and even potentially blasphemous faith-based conversations.
Basically, we believe it’s important to talk about our Christian faith without the BS. Brace yourselves…